Natural breastfeeding pillow

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The Nesting Pillow- Organic Nursing Pillow with Washable Slipcover

ALL ORGANIC MATERIALS: The Nesting Pillow is 100% organic and non-allergenic. New parents care deeply about what's next to their newborn baby's skin, and love the fact that The Nesting Pillow is safe for even the most sensitive babies.

PERFECT POSITIONING FOR NURSING: The Nesting Pillow is filled with organic buckwheat hulls, making it possible to shift the contents around like a bean bag to find the correct position for proper latch and optimal comfort for mother and baby. With slight pressure, the little pyramid-shaped hulls inside the pillow interlock together to conform to the body and hold the position. This unique filling also allows air to circulate, which keeps both baby and mother cool and comfortable and allows for proper sanitizing.

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