Welches Stoffwindelsystem ist das richtige? Teil 2 – Zweiteilige Systeme

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Im ersten Teil meiner Stoffwindelserie habe ich Dir die einige Grundlagen vermittelt und einen Überblick über die aktuellen Komplettsysteme gegeben. Dazu gehörten die AIO, AI2, AI3 und Pocketwindeln. Den Artikel dazu kannst Du hier noch einmal durchlesen: “Welches Stoffwindelsysem ist das richtige? Teil 1 – Komplettsysteme“. Im zweiten Teil will ich Dir nun als Alternative zu den Komplettsystemen zeigen, welche … Read More

Delicious Vegan Spekulatius – Baking without egg, milk and sugar

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Vegan baking for Christmas? With children? Is that possible? Yes! Absolutely! Even or just because it’s Christmas vegan baking is easy and possible without much effort. Vegan cookies or vegan cake recipes can often be easily implemented by simply replacing milk and eggs. This year, I finally wanted to bake vegan Spekulatius myself. It had to be suitable for children, … Read More

3 things making your first baby year easier

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If you ask me what a baby needs in the first year, then I would say, “Love and Mom’s breast.” Especially in the first days and weeks, everything else is pretty much superfluous. Many mothers notice that with the first child and with the second … they are wiser anyway. The whole hype about baby clothes, initial equipment, nursery furniture, … Read More

Why you should read more as a mother

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After the birth of my son, my life changed. Leisure is now quite scarce and therefore a valuable asset. When I started blogging in addition, time for me (showering, washing my hair, shopping?) and time for reading was out of the question for me. Are you familiar with that? Grandmas and aunts live too far away to take care of … Read More