7 mistakes when choosing the right baby carrier!

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Fehler beim Auswahl der Tragehilfe vermeiden

Many young parents ask themselves during pregnancy or shortly afterwards what the best baby carrier is. Should we buy a jerky a Rookie, a Manduca or ErgoBaby? Or do we listen to the friend’s recommendation? In this blog post I will show you which mistakes can occur when choosing the right baby carrier and how you can avoid them. As … Read More

The 5 Best Absorbent Pads for Cloth Diapers

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Die besten Saugeinlagen

You have opted for cloth diapers, but are so unsure which are the best absorbent pads for your situation? Do you want to know what the difference is between all the materials? You feel a bit helpless with the huge amount of different shapes and sizes of the absorbent pads? The market for absorbent pads for cloth diapers has amazingly … Read More

Vegan banana bread – without milk and added sugar

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selbstgemachtes veganes Bananenbrot

Have you sometimes just bought too many bananas and now they are already overripe? Before you throw them away, here is a simple and quick recipe to process the overripe bananas into a vegan banana bread. Without sugar, without milk and without egg. Very tasty and with natural sweetness, this cake is also something for children. It does not require … Read More

Which cloth diaper system is the right one? Part 2 – Two-part systems

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In the first part of my cloth diaper series, I taught you some basics and gave you an overview of the current complete systems. These included the AIO, AI2, AI3 and pocket diapers. You can read the article again here: “Which cloth diaper system is the right one? Part 1 – Complete systems“. In the second part, as an alternative … Read More

Which cloth diaper system is the right one? Part 1 – Complete diaper systems

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Even in times of Corona, life has to go on somehow, so I thought to myself, I’ll just do NOTHING on this current topic, which already dominates us all enough and costs nerves, but start with a series on a topic that is very close to my heart: cloth diapers. In the next few weeks I would like to teach … Read More

10 Reasons to Wear Your Baby: Why it’s Good for You and Baby!

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It shouldn’t be a secret anymore: We humans, like monkeys, are parent clingers. Unfortunately, for a long time it had been established in people’s minds that we were nest-stools. Reason for it are the similarities between nest-stools and parent clingers and the long time completely missing category “parent clingers” as cub type. The common feature of both types of cubs … Read More

Delicious Vegan Spekulatius – Baking without egg, milk and sugar

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Vegan baking for Christmas? With children? Is that possible? Yes! Absolutely! Even or just because it’s Christmas vegan baking is easy and possible without much effort. Vegan cookies or vegan cake recipes can often be easily implemented by simply replacing milk and eggs. This year, I finally wanted to bake vegan Spekulatius myself. It had to be suitable for children, … Read More