10 good reasons to wear your baby

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It shouldn’t be a secret anymore: We humans, like monkeys, are parent clingers. Unfortunately, for a long time it had been established in people’s minds that we were nest-stools. Reason for it are the similarities between nest-stools and parent clingers and the long time completely missing category “parent clingers” as cub type. The common feature of both types of cubs … Read More

15 amazing facts about breast milk

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“Breast milk is the best thing for a newborn.” A phrase that you have probably heard one time or another. But what is really behind this? Is breastmilk really just a little better than substitute milk and would the 2nd Best be nearly as good? Have you ever wondered what makes breast milk so special? Can formula not do the … Read More

Why you should read more as a mother

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After the birth of my son, my life changed. Leisure is now quite scarce and therefore a valuable asset. When I started blogging in addition, time for me (showering, washing my hair, shopping?) and time for reading was out of the question for me. Are you familiar with that? Grandmas and aunts live too far away to take care of … Read More

How to bath a newborn the European way – All you need to know.

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When my baby was first bathed in the hospital after two days (far too early!), it was the first time my son cried for nearly 10 minutes. From the beginning my son was a calm, happy baby as I wish for every mother. He has only screamed when he really needed something urgently (mom, food, sleep) or he was in … Read More

13 Tips for Zero Waste with Baby

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Baby in Stoffwindeln und Weidenkorb

Tips for initial equipment and must-haves for babies abound. Everyone believes to have THE list for the basic needs of a newborn at hand. But are so many things really necessary? I want to look at the issue from the point of view of Zero Waste today, questioning a few basic must-haves . Waste avoidance (Zero Waste or Less Waste)is … Read More